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Highway landscaping practices commonly employed by utility industries, roadside businesses located along public right of ways, and billboard companies. The Out- Home industry encourages vegetation and landscape maintenance n compliance with state and local laws and regulations.

Development is underway to produce large screens that can be counted on a painted bulletin.
these screens will beam full color ads to motorists from sundown to midnight. Potentially, Out-of-Home advertising may even include holographic displays, laser lighting sys, and satellite transmissions to able advertisers to produce virtually any effect they desire on their Out-of-Home displays.

Technology enabling buyers to view plant operator's inventory of locations via video recording. Can be married with other computer' databases to make buying Out-of-Home easier and more efficient, potentially eliminating or minimizing need for personal market visits.

A single-sheet substrate on which an advertising message is rendered by either computer production or hand painting. Vinyl is primarily used on the face of bulletins & Premiere products.

Voice Trak
Provides local market provides media spending activity reports for use in budget planning, the allocation of advertising resources, and the analysis of advertising results.