The rich set of tools in bManage will allow you to seamlessly integrate all aspects of your business from managing proposals and contracts to effectively handling the activities of your installers, printers, designers, and other key contacts in your business.

bManage is a complete state-of-the-art business management and inventory control system for the Billboard Industry.

bManage is a web-based application and all you need to use the system is an Internet browser. This means that unlike many other business systems, you don't need to purchase expensive hardware and software to run bManage.

In addition, bManage is network and multi-user ready, so that all your satellite offices can start using the system from day one without the need to setup communication network lines between your offices.

Completely Web Based Tools

We have a team of staff who are dedicated to coaching and helping you maintain your account.

In addition, as a bManage member, you will have access to full training & support on the system in any medium you need it - phone based, web based, or even in person.

We also listen to and invite your feedback to ensure we can always provide you the tools you need to keep your company efficient, profitable and growing.

We provide comprehensive support from a team of experts.

All of the features needed to successfully run a billboard company are available in bManage at a very reasonable cost to your company. This small cost will be offset swiftly as you save time and money whilst your business runs smoother than ever, and in addition, the staff at BillboardPlanet will relentlessly market your inventory to a worldwide buying audience.

bManage is available as a software service on a monthly basis. Because you rent the software, there is no upfront cash outlay, which is so often the case with large business applications. In addition, the accessibility of the Internet makes bManage quick to learn, easy to use, and a breeze to implement.