bDigital is the complete end-to-end enterprise solution for managing digital networks.  Our Player agnostic solution means you can manage the complexities of scheduling at the Contract level, with the needs of the client in mind regardless of which player hardware you use.  Of course if you prefer, you can use the built-in player and trafficking system in bDigital.  This feature will allow you to create schedules and content directly on BillboardPlanet and with the push of a button, transmit this content to all the players on the network.

Since bDigital is a web-based application running entirely in the Cloud, all you need to use the system is an Internet browser.

bDigital provides all of the tools you need to create and manage a network of digital signs.  Whether you’re designing retail, advertising, or back-office communication networks, bDigtial software gives you a powerful platform that simplifies even the most complex content and network management requirements.